We use multiple types of data in order to povide you with excellent signals using both fundamental and technical analysis.


Every signal will be delivered directly to your email as soon as we send it out!


Our track record speaks for itself. Since launching our service in 2016, we’ve had an 90% success rate!


We don’t scalp or send out intraday signals. We prefer to send out stronger, more stable short-term or long-term signals. You simply set it, and forget it.


Our goal is to make every one of our clients consistent and successful traders using our premium short-term and long-term forex signals service. We are a group of traders who excel at seeing what others miss. We use simple, strong, fundamental and technical analysis based on classic and proven trading systems, with our own personal touch. We believe our Daily Crossover System is the best on the market, and we intend to prove it!



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Subscribe to our forex signals for one month, which you will be sent out several times a week via email.

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Subscribe to our forex signals for three months, which you will be sent out several times a week via email, and get one month free of charge!

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Subscribe to our forex signals for six months, which you will be sent out several times a week via email, and get two month free of charge!

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How do you deliver signals?

We send signals via email. Once you sign-up for our premium forex signal service, you will be added to our newsletter and start receiving signals directly to your inbox.

How often do you deliver signals?

We usually deliver several signals a week, unless market conditions suggest otherwise. We believe that the best strategy is a longer-term one, so we don’t send out scalping signals. All our signals are strong signals from the daily chart that are supported by other time-frames as well.

How do you define short-term and long-term signals?

We strongly believe that the strongest and most stable signals come from the daily chart, so we usually hold on to trades anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. We constantly monitor the charts though, so if the market conditions change rapidly, we will adapt - sometimes we close trades on the same day.

What indicators do you use?

We don’t use one specific indicator, but a combination of technical factors, combined with a thorough fundamental analysis. Of course, our crossover system is a well-kept industry secret, but moving averages play a big part.

After I sign-up, how soon will I receive signals?

Immediately if one is sent that day, but sometimes, we don’t send signals for a few days if nothing seems worth-it. We only provide you with the best signals to maximize your profits. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it approach.

Do you provide Stop Loss and Take Profit levels?

Yes. We usually keep the TP open-ended and send out a closure email to inform you if market conditions are changing.

Can I cancel anytime?

You can unsubscribe from the mailing list and cancel your membership at any time, but we do not offer refunds.